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Welcome to my online diary of photographs that I have taken throughout the years, from nature to pictures of the sky during different times of the day, still life of my favorite objects, and my adventures when I am lucky enough to go out of town. I am also dabbing into taking Portraits starting out with small photo shoots, and sometimes I will recommend some of my favorite places, songs, and miscellaneous things.

I am a photographer from Northern California, now living in Southern California. I have a dream to travel the world and explore different cities in the future. My interest in Fine Arts started when I was very young as I grew up in an artistic household, I have done many different kinds of mediums such as ceramics, paintings, and drawings. My interest in Photography started when I was a freshman and my main goal lies in that. I am currently a student majoring in Art, and spending my free time improving my skills.

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All pictures on here are taken by me {© sy.latte}, unless stated otherwise. 

Please do not take without asking or proper credit. Thank you.